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Corporate Social Responsibility

Portrait of Ross CEO Barbara Rentler

“Ross is committed to creating value for our Associates and our communities, and doing so with a high level of ethics and integrity. In addition to fulfilling our mission of offering customers the best name-brand bargains possible, we aim to empower our Associates, operate in ways that reduce our environmental impact, and give back to the communities where we conduct business.”

— Barbara Rentler,
Chief Executive Officer

Ross has a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) relating to our Associates and Company, the communities we serve, and the sustainability of our planet.

Our programs and initiatives are always evolving, given the interests and needs of our internal and external stakeholders and changing cultural, technological, and societal challenges and opportunities. We continue to look for new approaches and opportunities to improve.

We have identified four key pillars of our CSR program.

Empowering Our Associates

We strive to foster a work environment in which our diverse Associates respect one another and can grow, succeed, and contribute to our organization and to the communities where they live and work. You can read more in our “Empowering Our Associates” section.

Supporting Our Communities

Through our community giving programs, our Company and the Ross Stores Foundation partner with organizations that help prepare today’s youth for a bright tomorrow by building academic achievement and life skills. You can read more in our “Supporting Our Communities” section.

Operating Sustainably

Our sustainability efforts not only help us be responsible corporate citizens, but also lower costs and enhance our ability to deliver the values our Customers expect. You can read more in our “Operating Sustainably” section.

Conducting Business Ethically

Ethical business practices drive our approach to maintaining transparent, compliant, socially responsible, and effective operations, sourcing, and governance. You can read more in our “Conducting Business Ethically” section.

2022 Ross Corporate Social Responsibility Report cover

2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

To read a message from our Chief Executive Officer, Barbara Rentler, and for an in-depth look into our CSR efforts and achievements, download the full report.

This annual report covers our CSR efforts and achievements during fiscal year 2022, which ended on January 28, 2023. It also references certain events and initiatives that were launched or occurred outside of this reporting period.

Archived Reports